Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Amazon Cartwheels

Flipping ecstatic to find (in the last one minute) that Alain de Botton, who is the author of the book that's keeping me up in spite of my promises, released a novel this year! The one I'm currently reading Status Anxiety is his work from 2004.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Career Building

There's a way to approach a career - which you will hopefully realize and pursue with clarity and intention. Leave room for flexibility, but it's rarely an anything-goes model.

I'd liken careers to transactions, where you pay (your employer) with your mind, time, which is essentially your life (you pay with your life tho - that's crazy deep). You have with an agenda, idea of a big picture, and you understand what a job means to a career path - skills you want, skills you need, the logic, communication, analytical thinking, problem solving, negotiating and other forms of "muscle" building.

From a place of power and ownership, you are strategic, political about your career choices or jobs. With time, you understand what personal elements need to combine to tackle challenges, stretch yourself, achieve stimulation and states of flow. You're constantly evaluating, asking: what’s in it for me? In exchange for my mind, my time, how am I compensated for using my resources? Am I stocking up on skills for the next transaction? Or selling myself short, blindly following renumeration?

By none of your doing, as with the time and cycles of life, your mind will peak over a period. Definitely consider optimizing for crest and the interval before the trough.

For the most part, it would be naive to overlook the role of people connections: networks and mentors. And without leaving out authenticity, it's pertinent that you know what’s important to you, your values, the type of jobs you simply won’t take. In other words, take responsibility for finding out the most important thing for (you in building) your career, what and when to compromise. Assessing the skills you have, be confident about the value you bring, and knowledgeable about the companies that fit - who is interested in buying what you sell, or interested in selling what you're looking to buy. Transactions.

This outlook made me see that there was no more such a thing for me as I hate my job, which I admit I've dealt with in the past. If I didn't practice hatred off the job, why would I (find it) at work? It wasn't hard for me to get to the root cause. Since then, my response to my career choices would lean more towards being rational, and less towards impulse. As long as it was not violating my total state of health (physical, values and personal culture, human rights and ethics), what was there to be hateful about? Emotions I had a shrink for, objectivity I'd have to develop. At least, that’s how I've chosen to address it.

Connected Dots

You might have heard them countless times in the past
But one day, this time, 
You know how it applies to you
Everything finally makes sense
Epiphany, maturity, readiness

Salt and Light

Salt, Light.
The good book never lied.
Such strong metaphors
To depict personality and power.

Salt is (like) authenticity -
How bland is it when we try to blend in,
When we pass up on an opportunity to ginger up,
And lose that distinctive taste that only ourselves could bring?

Power, the ability to do work
Even Science complements Truth

Meaning to charge his phone,
My dad would ask me to put his phone on the "light"
At other times, he'd use "fire" interchangeably
And I'd laugh back, "do you want me to roast it for you?"
I knew what he was referring to, and hardly failed to chuckle 
And tease at the "unlearnedness" of his choice of words
But looking back now, who was more narrow-minded?

Like electricity and fire, light is a form of energy.
Energy transforms;
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed
Burn your solo flame to brighten your corner
Or burn brighter, and collaborate for greater good

Tuesday's child, full of grace

Sometimes I feel like the contents of this blog will end up as some kind of artifact for my daughters and sons, whoever they are.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Woman Nevertheless

This Woman knows,
Ceremony and titles really don't make a difference. Probably nice to have, but for her, definitely not important. What she really wants is a permanent relationship with her soulmate whose life work complements, and not stalemates.

This Woman believes,
Love is so strong, so powerful, that divorce is not strong enough to terminate it. So potent that "weddings" are not enough to celebrate it. How is the concept of marriage even so reduced to the physical alone? Love transcends all of the man-made events. Almost disrespectful, even an abuse to limit Love to these. Make no mistake, she celebrates unions, and has nothing against them. All she's saying is that there's more depth to the divinity that is Love than these external events could ever do justice. That's the elevation she aspires to.

This Woman swears,
She's a mother - even though she has no biological kids of her own. Whether they came out of her loins or not will never be important to her. She will be committed to motherhood and to children regardless. Because 'mother' is first what she is, before what she does. She is sold out to their cause, and there's no taking it away from her.

In all of this, she is not any less of a Woman.

Some Career Inspiration this Friday

Ms Williams on my mind this morning, putting a face to career motivation.
I met Maxine two months ago at the Grace Hopper conference, in Houston Texas. She was warm, lively and I loved her accent. "YA MAN!!!" she shouted almost, when I asked if I could take a picture with her. LOL!

Check the rest of her LEAN IN story here: