Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Friendship

Easter’s Excitement
December’s Festivals
Omega Dinners
Going Shopping
Uncle Joe’s Math Class
Not Even “OPRAH”[i]

Evening Breezes
February’s Dawdle
Okra Soup with Kidney
Summer Vacations
Alpha’s Income

Exam Celebrations... endless!
Great Joys These Bring, But Not One
Is Half As Beautiful A Thing As Being Your Friend
Enjoy! You Deserve The Very Best.

[i] Err … did I just sat that?!
Written for my friend Efosa, on August 15, 2007 at 23.49 in my “pretty Eastern room”.


A seed looks lifeless, seems useless just lying there.
It won’t grind like the pebbles nor would it sink like them either.
Without a doubt, it is an outcast. Of what worth is it then?
Practically nothing. Dare I ask ‘why’?
Because it is OUTSIDE THE SOIL!
You cannot place a reed in the midst of pebbles and expect perfect viability!
No! It’s an anomaly. An anathema. An aberration. an insult to nature.
It just won’t happen. Unless that seed is planted, it remains just a seed. A misfit.
Full of POTENTIAL, ability to become ...
A seedling, a grain, a shrub, an herb and ultimately a tree.
If and only if it is planted in soil, else it remains
-A figureless figment, a dormant dream, a faceless fantasy, a weightless wish.
Dare to take a step;
Release that seed into the earth
Hold it! Wait for it. Watch it.
You don’t see anything you say? Now imagine it.

Is that a leaf springing up? Looks like it!
Water it. Wean it. Don’t stop now!
Another sprouting! Let’s not get carried away now, that’s not the end.
Give it your best shot yet, all you’ve got.
More growth, more beauty … It’s taking shape!
Déjà vu, you say? It’s exactlly a mirror image
Well, what do you know? That seed , your seed has become its ultimate: a tree.
With fruits for nourishment, shade for protecting, leaves for healing, bark for processing..
It’s time for your reward!
Liberated listener, renewed reader; take a glance at your palm.
Is that your seed still in your hand?
Dare to take this step;
Envision, Realise and Release.

6th Sept., 2005 @ 5 25 p.m after meditating on the book of Esther Page


I sit here trying to think of an essence, a most pure form and I let my mind roam.
My mind runs through greenery and vegetation but it doesn’t stop.
It collides with the Fauna, but keeps running.
Precious stones are just in view, but it runs in the opposite direction
And finally, my roaming mind halts and my heart leaps,
Absorbing the most Aesthetic Art my senses have ever experienced
I’d liken you to running water;
Oriented, clear, boundless
I’d liken you to a wave;
Tenacious, exuberant, resilient
I’d liken you to a spring;
Resourceful, unadulterated, picturesque
I’d liken you to Rain;
Therapeutic, rhythmic, refreshing
I’d liken you to a lake;
Territorial, promising, deep …
If there’s one element that nature could not do without, it’s water.
Water is the one thing that holds life in place: wild life, humans …every form of it.
It is most essential and most aesthetic.
You are Nature’s water.


That we were never really created to exist alone
Is the reason we seek our fullness in one another;
That no being is never really 100% perfect
Is the reason for our obvious differences;
That complete perfection is never in standing alone
But in the sum total of me and you and all of us.

Like pieces of a jigsaw, without one even one infinitesimal part,
The entire picture remains a puzzle;
Probably pretty and picturesque but never really whole.

That SOLITUDE is alone
And ALONE is never one.
And Solitude is EMPTINESS.

That WHOLENESS makes us,
That PERFECT is our strengths combined
That COMPLETE is perfect with our ‘flaws’: our unrefined strengths.
That wholeness is ONE,
And wholeness makes US.


Hearts feel:
Like plants, hearts respond to stimulus. They feel warmth from the Sun, and ever so tenderly and gradually move in the direction of the warmth. Hearts hold emotions of joy, love, fear, excitement and doubt.

Hearts reach out:
Hearts respond to their feelings, to forces, to nature. With patience and with time, hearts grow and begin to bud and blossom, and hearts go on to radiate beauty. Hearts’ want to share … hearts want to give.

Hearts speak:
In the most silent whispers and in ineffable moments, with a voice so clam, but yet so strong, hearts speak just as they listen. Over the longest distances and through the toughest barriers, hearts commune. Where lips stutter, hearts utter.

Hearts weep:
In valleys, in deserts, at dead ends, at crossroads, in the rain, in the dark, in the cold, hearts could be taken over by emotions and express vulnerability in tears.

Hearts bleed:
In pain, injured by a fight r wounded by a loss, hearts could bleed and they immediately tend to withdraw while nursing wounds.

Hearts break:
Overwhelmed and frustrated, defeated and drowned, hearts lose the will to go on, to pull through. It takes only a miracle to revivify.

Hearts bond:
Healed or healing, hearts lean towards love, gradually absorbing and dispelling, making sort of an exchange until a bond is formed.

A bond is a reinforcement of hearts, so that when one reaches out, the other responds. And when one weeps, the other strengthens. And where the other wants to be heard, one listens. And in moments, they could weep together and they could share, and they could grow together. Indefatigable and inextricable.
‘The best things in life cannot be touched but can only be felt in the heart.’

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out of time?

On Your marks, Set, …!

Ever noticed how fast our globe, our world seems to be spinning? Like it’s out of control! Considering the present age we live in; the “Jet” age, it’s seems like we are being “jetted” off. Basically everything moves at the speed of light and who knows, things just might get even faster. Destination: UNKNOWN!
I think we are involved in a race against time, but what’s it all about? And what’s the worth of it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in support of technological advancements. Who wouldn’t? Not in this era of instant gratification when virtually everything just seems to have been given either feet or wings. Which other era had the rare privilege of mobility as we do. Fast food, Meals on Wheels… you could even eat Egusi soup out of cans, and the accompanying Eba from a sachet. Believe me, there is barely need for cooking utensils anymore, because man now lives out of cans and boxes; cereal, noodles … it’s all ready to eat. Raw food is fast becoming history, and just might be found strictly in museums. We even got propellant-suggestive footwear: Drivers. We are truly being driven. Our speech is not left out as we barely speak these days. Slangs have become the substitute for language and our words just keep getting scantier. “Hey! Wha gwan?” Half baked is the norm, and is the exchange- as long as it’s fast. You could even squeeze your thoughts into a 160-lettered box called a text message; after all Talk is cheap! Everything is in a hurry but should everyone be? Our music is so fast these days; all noise, no news. And our dressing? It gets cheaper by the dozen, and skimpier by the decade. Prêt-a-Porter!
Seems like the average lifespan is inversely proportional to time. Recall how long our progenitors spent on the earth. Mind you, they were not exposed to so much as a fraction of the technology we have today. But there was unity, organization, hard work, perseverance and longevity. These are timeless values and we must not watch them gain wings and take a flight right before our very eyes.
Now, technology transcends the credit and debit cards, and goes on to make intra-human transactions; the MONDEX. Same goes for communications as cell phones and beepers give way to chips embedded in the human body turning the hand into a ‘hand-held’ gadget. Technology is a breakthrough in our world today and no doubt is here to stay. But my point precisely is this; let’s not become captives of our creation. After all, that is the reason why we are humans; our advantage is in using our brains to get things done. Please let’s give thought and time to the things that really matter right now, and cannot be fast forwarded, rewound or paused. Our health, our family, our friendships, our inner man, our Prayers and our Creator; these make up our lives. This is real life and BALANCE is indispensable.