Friday, February 29, 2008


Hearts feel:
Like plants, hearts respond to stimulus. They feel warmth from the Sun, and ever so tenderly and gradually move in the direction of the warmth. Hearts hold emotions of joy, love, fear, excitement and doubt.

Hearts reach out:
Hearts respond to their feelings, to forces, to nature. With patience and with time, hearts grow and begin to bud and blossom, and hearts go on to radiate beauty. Hearts’ want to share … hearts want to give.

Hearts speak:
In the most silent whispers and in ineffable moments, with a voice so clam, but yet so strong, hearts speak just as they listen. Over the longest distances and through the toughest barriers, hearts commune. Where lips stutter, hearts utter.

Hearts weep:
In valleys, in deserts, at dead ends, at crossroads, in the rain, in the dark, in the cold, hearts could be taken over by emotions and express vulnerability in tears.

Hearts bleed:
In pain, injured by a fight r wounded by a loss, hearts could bleed and they immediately tend to withdraw while nursing wounds.

Hearts break:
Overwhelmed and frustrated, defeated and drowned, hearts lose the will to go on, to pull through. It takes only a miracle to revivify.

Hearts bond:
Healed or healing, hearts lean towards love, gradually absorbing and dispelling, making sort of an exchange until a bond is formed.

A bond is a reinforcement of hearts, so that when one reaches out, the other responds. And when one weeps, the other strengthens. And where the other wants to be heard, one listens. And in moments, they could weep together and they could share, and they could grow together. Indefatigable and inextricable.
‘The best things in life cannot be touched but can only be felt in the heart.’

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Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwww!!!! so hearty.My heart went thru all u wrote abt whyl i read. I feel so HEARTY!