Friday, February 29, 2008


A seed looks lifeless, seems useless just lying there.
It won’t grind like the pebbles nor would it sink like them either.
Without a doubt, it is an outcast. Of what worth is it then?
Practically nothing. Dare I ask ‘why’?
Because it is OUTSIDE THE SOIL!
You cannot place a reed in the midst of pebbles and expect perfect viability!
No! It’s an anomaly. An anathema. An aberration. an insult to nature.
It just won’t happen. Unless that seed is planted, it remains just a seed. A misfit.
Full of POTENTIAL, ability to become ...
A seedling, a grain, a shrub, an herb and ultimately a tree.
If and only if it is planted in soil, else it remains
-A figureless figment, a dormant dream, a faceless fantasy, a weightless wish.
Dare to take a step;
Release that seed into the earth
Hold it! Wait for it. Watch it.
You don’t see anything you say? Now imagine it.

Is that a leaf springing up? Looks like it!
Water it. Wean it. Don’t stop now!
Another sprouting! Let’s not get carried away now, that’s not the end.
Give it your best shot yet, all you’ve got.
More growth, more beauty … It’s taking shape!
Déjà vu, you say? It’s exactlly a mirror image
Well, what do you know? That seed , your seed has become its ultimate: a tree.
With fruits for nourishment, shade for protecting, leaves for healing, bark for processing..
It’s time for your reward!
Liberated listener, renewed reader; take a glance at your palm.
Is that your seed still in your hand?
Dare to take this step;
Envision, Realise and Release.

6th Sept., 2005 @ 5 25 p.m after meditating on the book of Esther Page

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BrownSugar said...

I smell a lot of naiveté in this one but I intend to leave it just that way. It made me feel so proud when I had just started writing.