Friday, February 29, 2008


I sit here trying to think of an essence, a most pure form and I let my mind roam.
My mind runs through greenery and vegetation but it doesn’t stop.
It collides with the Fauna, but keeps running.
Precious stones are just in view, but it runs in the opposite direction
And finally, my roaming mind halts and my heart leaps,
Absorbing the most Aesthetic Art my senses have ever experienced
I’d liken you to running water;
Oriented, clear, boundless
I’d liken you to a wave;
Tenacious, exuberant, resilient
I’d liken you to a spring;
Resourceful, unadulterated, picturesque
I’d liken you to Rain;
Therapeutic, rhythmic, refreshing
I’d liken you to a lake;
Territorial, promising, deep …
If there’s one element that nature could not do without, it’s water.
Water is the one thing that holds life in place: wild life, humans …every form of it.
It is most essential and most aesthetic.
You are Nature’s water.

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BrownSugar said...

I keep thinking there's something sloppy about this one, somewhere around the end, but I just can't fix it.