Monday, June 23, 2008

Phase CItizen: The Server is Down (Series): Preface.

Ever heard or come across that phrase before? Well, being a patriotic netizen for almost a decade, which means I was once a regular at cyber cafes, that statement always made me cringe. I would arrive at the cafe with an online to do list and with hopes as high as a skyscraper and then the words would come out the mouth of the administrator. It never failed to sound like an oral obituary, causing my hopes to sag and meaning I would return home with the haunting feeling of UNFULFILLMENT.
Coincidentally or otherwise, I still get that feeling. This time it has little or nothing to do with my netizenship but my citizenship: my being a Nigerian. In recent times, as my awareness increased by knowledge I started keeping a mental checklist of tasks and expectations for my country and more often than not, UNFULFILLMENT revisits me. I've grown to be bothered and have stopped wondering why I haven't escaped to foreign shores.
My country's server is down. Administrators needed urgently!

Read on, and feel free to share your experiences as well. Look out for subsequent 'chapters'.


jolaade said...

chickle..u made me laugh..
felt like i was readn tha last page in a true love mag!
kunle johnson baby!!!
keep writn...n yea...gotta send in ma CV as regards gettn that post as admin for Nigeria!
well..can i handle y'all downloading stuff n remote desktopn into the server???!!!!

BrownSugar said...

In ur mind now eh! Miss Cisco Certified Network Analyst!
Woohoo! Me sound like SEGUN JOHNSON of True Love?!!! *blush!