Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When tears drop and hearts break

There's no telling how sad I am right now.
Just logged in to the Blogville Idol site to find a red cross on my picture.
*Sigh! It's all over!
Just when I was having so much fun
Yours truly has finally been evicted from the BBH!

Oh well, it's not so much about making and giving excuses even though valid.
I would have still left sooner or later.
To everyone that voted, mighty thanxxx and sorry if I disappointed you.
And to the finalists, here's wishing you success!


Brown Sugar.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogville Idol '08: Searching for a Wazobian crooner!

I usually don't do this, but I'm watching myself turn this blog into my journal, at least for this period that Blogville Idol is on. (I still keep a traditional notebook journal where I put pen to paper every other day. Old skool, I know!)
Phew! One down (thanks voters). Thinking of what Nigerian song to sing, hoping I scale the first eviction. I have a list of favourites at the moment that I LISTEN to. Like Asa. Neaaah! Those shoes are toooo big for me. I better get comfy in my bathroom slippers. The other musicians I'm loving are on another frequency, don't think they'd fit. Like Rooftop MCs (rap), 9ice... Where would I start to sing Gbono Fele, which has become my ringtone? Hmmmm! I need a crooner with minimal complicated Wazobian lyrics!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Six, Seven, Eight!

... SInce I like to play with words., I just thought today's date is significant. 6th of July 2008 makes Six Seven Eight... 6 7 8. Lay them straight ... Oh dear! I'm out!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blogville Idol ... the Journey so far

The Blogville contest is just around the corner and I don't even know what to expect anymore. Sent my "demo" yesterday, was pretty scared initially. Scared of being judged, literally. But i've had to keep reminding myself why I entered in the first place. "Cuz I want to do something I've never done before!" I'm happy, I'm scared, I'm freaked out, I'm calm, I'm nervous, I'm excited ... all in the affirmative anyways.

Like I said in Unbiased's blog, it sure feels like we are contestants in the Big Brother House. Blogville is watching!!! Or rather, listening. Was at Dammy's and I just threw my hands in the air when my almost paranoid self heard the Boyz II Men track playing from his playlist! Lol! And that's the part I like the most about reality shows. The bonding! Friends become foes, foes become close ... It's like some unwritten law. So here we are checking each other out, sending shout outs ... Ain't that cute?!

Alright, I dedicate this post to my fellow Blogville Idol contestants ... class of 2008. We made it! And to everybody that has shown some love checking and cheering, much appreciated!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Phase Citizen: The server is down: Chapter 1 (continued)

So I return as instructed to the passport office the following day, and proceed to the CSI's office. Once again, he is absent and so I speak to his colleague, Mr. *Ogunbiyi who has been present during my previous visits. We exchange pleasantries and he offers me a seat, which I decline.

Impatient me: "I'm here to get the passport."
Mr. Ogunbiyi: avoiding my gaze, " which passport again? Musa is not around so you will have to fill this form ...". He makes to open his drawer.
Me: Trying to be calm with the old man, "No, no, no! I already did all that. Mr. Musa asked me to pick up today. You even gave me the collection slip."
Mr. Ogunbiyi: unable to deny his own signature, "Okay, wait for me." He steps out.

Eighteen minutes later, another man surfaces. He's a lot younger and very scruffy looking, holding something wrapped in a newspaper. He begins unwrapping, pulls out the passport and peeks at the identity page. I notice he has a stunted right pinky!

Scruff: Looking up at me, "Are you Brown Sugar?"
Me: extending my hand, "Yes, thank you."
Scruff: "Thank you ke? You know what I went through to bring it for you? My oga nearly catch me. "
Me: "What??"
Scruff: "I say no be only thank you I go chop ah!"

Just then Mr. Ogunbiyi steps in, and Scruff quickly hands the passport over and leaves. I thank the old man and take my leave. Phew! Just as I step out of the building, my phone rings.

Caller: "Is this Brown Sugar?"
Me: "Yes?"
Caller: "It's *Dele, the person that signed your guarantor form. I was wondering if I could get to know you ..."


Chapter 2: Encounter with the Nigerian Police Force.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Phase Dreamer: Family and I, June 4, 2020:

Was on my way to the publishing house at midday when I remembered it was Demide’s Speech and prize giving day service at school today. As though by default, I began mentally rehearsing a most cute pleading phrase and promise, about it being the last time I was going to recede on our schedule and… uh oh! That wasn’t going to work. At least not today when Hun’ was aboard the Boeing 747 on a business trip to Silicon Valley. Plan B would have to fall between asking Oluchi to return the favor I bestowed during the last Open day and being there in person. Well, I decided to appreciate of the blessing of self-employment, slip out of my Chief Executive heels for a moment and just be my children’s mother.
The traffic was light and I arrived at the school’s premise just in time to meet the Chairman’s speech. Goodness! How time flies. I remembered sitting on the courts as an alto singer of the most prestigious Mr. Bamfo’s choir, with Kanayo, Bisola and Fioye on days like this in our white shirts, black skirts and bow ties! To think that I was seated here today as a parent in my own alma mater got me emotional and I quietly mopped my eye. Things were a lot different now. New faces, new people, in fact the choristers were dressed in robes … so typical of life. Thoughts of Hun’ crossed my mind and left me wondering what he was doing at the moment. It was 2: 00 pm; he was definitely reading one of his books and having a drink, most likely his favorite: pineapple. Always so predictable. And then, it came. One of those telepathic moments passed between us and I blew him a kiss in absentia. Those moments had always existed every time we were physically separated over distances right from the very first time. It was only two months after our wedding and I had to be at the publishing house in Johannesburg. I had done my possible best to delegate the responsibility to my assistant, but things got very urgent and required my very presence. I could never forget the look on his face when I put my luggage in his trunk that morning. “But it’s only going to last three days and I’ll be back here before you could even blink.” I said to him. “The worst three days of my life, and it already feels like three decades. Sweets, you know I’m desperately going to miss you and…”, “Come on, Hun’ let’s not do this again. I promise you I’ll be home before you know it and all yours again. But right now, I have to be on that plane so I’d come home to you wearing the fragrance of success and Allure”, and with that planted a kiss on his lips. I was in for another brief round of kiss-planting and cajoling at the airport before I boarded the plane. He looked so boyishly cute in his green v-neck and brown khakis, sulking and rubbing his head like he did when he hit a brick wall. My Hunny Bun, I missed him already and tried to hold back tears for a while and finally let them flow freely as I looked out the aircraft window.
It took an ovation to jerk me to the present and there was our baby girl, Ademide walking up to claim her award for Chief Opral Benson’s prize for the IYA OGE category. I proudly walked up to the podium, close enough to capture the moment with my camera as she picked up her plaque and certificate. The ceremony was really beautiful and refreshing and I was glad I hadn’t missed it for the world. At the end of the event, Ademide ran up to me with a number of friends, some of which I recognized as award winners too. I met a number of their parents, exchanged pleasantries as well as complimentaries and with that headed to pick Derin from his school and to fulfill the first phase of my promise to ‘Demide at her favorite eatery.

24 December 2007.