Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Phase Citizen: The server is down: Chapter 1 (continued)

So I return as instructed to the passport office the following day, and proceed to the CSI's office. Once again, he is absent and so I speak to his colleague, Mr. *Ogunbiyi who has been present during my previous visits. We exchange pleasantries and he offers me a seat, which I decline.

Impatient me: "I'm here to get the passport."
Mr. Ogunbiyi: avoiding my gaze, " which passport again? Musa is not around so you will have to fill this form ...". He makes to open his drawer.
Me: Trying to be calm with the old man, "No, no, no! I already did all that. Mr. Musa asked me to pick up today. You even gave me the collection slip."
Mr. Ogunbiyi: unable to deny his own signature, "Okay, wait for me." He steps out.

Eighteen minutes later, another man surfaces. He's a lot younger and very scruffy looking, holding something wrapped in a newspaper. He begins unwrapping, pulls out the passport and peeks at the identity page. I notice he has a stunted right pinky!

Scruff: Looking up at me, "Are you Brown Sugar?"
Me: extending my hand, "Yes, thank you."
Scruff: "Thank you ke? You know what I went through to bring it for you? My oga nearly catch me. "
Me: "What??"
Scruff: "I say no be only thank you I go chop ah!"

Just then Mr. Ogunbiyi steps in, and Scruff quickly hands the passport over and leaves. I thank the old man and take my leave. Phew! Just as I step out of the building, my phone rings.

Caller: "Is this Brown Sugar?"
Me: "Yes?"
Caller: "It's *Dele, the person that signed your guarantor form. I was wondering if I could get to know you ..."


Chapter 2: Encounter with the Nigerian Police Force.


Tears said...


All best on blogville idols!! fellow contestant!!!
Good Luck!

Manda said...

is this story for real? naija neva siezes to amaze me!

Good luck on blogville idols.x

BrownSugar said...

@ tears: thanx a lot. I really need all of it!

@ manda: I tell you its for real o! Seriously. No jara. And thanx 4 d wishes!

Unbiased said...

All the best fellow contestant. Hmmmmm how are the butterflies in you tummy?
Mine are keeping me awake nights. lol!!

GamineChic said...

Hey You entered!

i missed the contest oo.

Anyways i will definately be voting for you.

This your story when i saw it on facebook , i couldnt believe it was actually you.
wow, naija!

Olamild said...

`Just came to wich you Good Luck in the contest

Olamild said...

What a shame!
WHen will Nigerians eliminate this act of rubbish?

NaijaBabe said...

Lol, naija mehn!

Waffarian said...

hehehehehe too funny! kill me today oh...Chineke!