Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When tears drop and hearts break

There's no telling how sad I am right now.
Just logged in to the Blogville Idol site to find a red cross on my picture.
*Sigh! It's all over!
Just when I was having so much fun
Yours truly has finally been evicted from the BBH!

Oh well, it's not so much about making and giving excuses even though valid.
I would have still left sooner or later.
To everyone that voted, mighty thanxxx and sorry if I disappointed you.
And to the finalists, here's wishing you success!


Brown Sugar.


30+ said...

So sorry to see you go, you are really talented.

Huey said...

You did well my dear and you don't need them to prove to the world that you are gifted

Dammy said...

Where you dey? Will you come and update this blog and lets get going? Lol!

dScR?Be said...

i was a fan.. i am a fan... :)

geishasong said...

hey- geisha's moved!
click to find me :)

BrownSugar said...

Awww! Thanx 30+ and Huey and D?Scribe.

Dammy, easy now. My blog and I are just moving from acquittance to friends.

Thanx 4 d link, Geisha. Checking you out asap!

ladun said...

its kinda late

remember these words

'why do all good things come to an end'

i got an answer for you

for better things to happen...

BrownSugar said...

not late at all, ladun. Won't forget to remember that. Thanxxx!