Friday, September 12, 2008

Sibling rivalry!

broth·er [brúthər]
male sibling: a boy or man who has the same father and mother as another person.

Being a female in the engineering department/sector means a lot of things to me. For the sake of this post, I’ll limit it to just the fact that it means brothers and brovaz are plain homonyms and at the same time, antonyms. My mother gave birth to you makes you my brother and I've three of those. On the other hand, I go to school with an army of these martians :). So being my brova means we've moved from coursemates to acquaintances to friends and then you went the EXTRA mile to be brova-certified: tested and trusted, thereby knowingly skipping a very sensitive tier called "lovers." i.e. Plus, my biological mum now knows you because you visit my house and I can't exclude your name from my regular conversations.

Now having five brovaz means:

  1. Being a footie 'freak' as I may soon be dedicating a section of my wardrobe to footie jerseys of different clubs and colours, numbers and names like, “Tobi”, “Ugo”, “Uche”, “Kene”. Hold that thought! I'm not a tomboy, never have been and never will be. Why would I want to do that to my gbono feli life as a lady in the 21st century? And no, I still haven't picked MY club yet.
  2. My days of roasting on Valz day are OVER. At least, unofficially. I get my share out of theirs plus they go out of their way to val me :) Does it matter that I don't have a boyfriend at the moment? By the way my brovaz keep threatening to screen all my chykers. Newaiz, I have a major say in their relationships too so there's a lot of fairness.
  3. Girlfriends and aspirants (are advised to) hook up with me for the extras. Does the movie Brown Sugar with Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan ring a bell? Don't get the wrong idea, people. lol!

Right now I have a lot on my plate since I met a bosom friend of my brovaz. They attended the same secondary school, were members of a clique and their parents knew each other. Uni came and some of them parted ways, went to other countries and a handful met again in the same Uni that I attend. He goes to a different Uni but still stays in close contact with the rest of the group. As a matter of fact, I knew of him because my brovaz talked about him a lot. He's like my brovaz' brova. So we all spent some time together hanging out. Eventually he and I got talking and he commented that he loved the relationship I had with my brovaz i.e. his friends and he eventually told me he wanted friends ... and had no plans to become or end up as a brova. No skipping of sensitive tiers this time. lol! Guess what:


It's no longer news that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, as told us by John Gray and this Venusian is almost beside herself trying to figure out why, despite the fact that I have my opinions about him, these friends won't let me hook up with their friend or vice versa. One would have even thought they'd be ecstatic about it. I asked one of them and the only part of his reply that made sense to me was a SMILE! I've come to trust these guys over time and I value their judgment. And by the way I would hate anything or person to come between us.

What do you think? What would you do?


Toluwa Lase said...

shebi they r all ur brovas..i think they know him better...

btw, am i first...yay!

Misssteph said...

well, they are your brovaz so they probably think they know know wots best for you, but really, think about it. i hope the guy is hot n e way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talkin banky.w hot. lol.

Invisible said...

As a brother to a sister, I want to say maybe your brothers know the dude and are trying to protect you but maybe they just don't want you to date someone they are close to (could be awkward). My sister won't let me talk to her friends though, I don't know why she's so protective or maybe I should say selfish. Lol

funkola said...

how does that work? my brova let me hook up with one of his bruv's and we r still togetha. throw a tantrum till they let u ;-D. but on d real if u guys like one anotha, they shld let u make ur own mistakes (if at all that's one).
@missteph (maybe "stefffyyyy" how is banky w hot? he's just a metrosexual who happens to look a little like marques houston (who in turn is not hot).

Just...Toluwa said...

totally agree with Funkola...Banky used to be hot wen he had hair...he's not so hot now!

now if he is Shemar Moore, or LLCoolJ hot...then i will rethink my first comment...



aloted said...

lol..nice to know ur brothers are protective of u..
like others have said..they prolly know him and all the kurukere moves he has made on some girls in the past and they dont want their sister to fall victim..

maybe u shld ask ur brothers point blank wat the deal is and hopefully they tell u..

going to put up my award tonight! :D

BrownSugar said...

Yeah, Toluwa I'm of the same 'all guyz' opinion.

Misssteph, PUH-Lease! Since when did Banky W become the yardstick for hotness? Okay, he try small sha. The guy in question is reeeeeeeally cute ;)

Invisible, I soooo badly wanted to know what a guy thought. Thanx 4 helping me out. I think the 'awkward' thing sounds more like it. Still maybe though.

Funkola, you're clearly in a very naughty mood! Throw tantrums abi? lol! But on 2nd thots, ;-D
Yes o, Stefffyyyy's applied for a change of name. Noticed the resemblance between BW and MH too. But we must give credit to whom credit is due: MH is hot ... bi amala to jina gangan steez!

Toluwa ... in fact, no comments.

Thanx aloted, I'll ask them again. Don't leave my name out of your teary speech o :)

Miss E said...

hey, kewl blog, im new at this, so........ here goes. follow your heart and stil take gewd advice from them, guyz alwais know better, trustme, especially wen they are lookin owt for you and yea, banky w is hot. lol, do your thing gurl!!!!!!!

Jolaade said...


aiight, taken it all in...

brovaz and brovaz brova chykn you!

me thinks you shld probe brovaz to kno exactly wat tha reason is...prob more than meets tha eye or maybe not!

plus...get back real soon

ladun said...

brovas...broda...well am guessing they know you better and know him even see how it goes...