Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wow! This 22 day old year has been quite eventful for this 22 year old. Holidays ended rather abruptly with resumption which was on the 3rd of this month, and exams followed almost immediately. Well, I must say I'm liking this year 2009 already. It represents a lot of things to me, both spiritually and every wise. Just as I would sit on the last days of a year and look back in retrospect, I feel very strongly and have chosen to see the prospects 2009 has.
If I could compress my mantra for the year into a word/ verb, it would be


I have not felt so strongly about a year or a time as I feel about this year. I know for sure that 2009 is (going to be) a landmark, a milestone in my life and phases. It is the year I graduate from Uni (after half a decade of engineering education.) Plus it is my fifth year of walking with God. It is the year of total independence (aka Adulthood) where every decision I do/don't make counts or counters ... career choices, social networks, relationships, investments.
Keyword: Investment. Everything one action or inaction will be an investment for another time. I have learnt that nature abhors vacuum. Thus, inaction ultimately equates to action.

This year, I've got so much time on my hands and at the same time, there's No Time! This year will bridge my dreams with real achievements (by God's grace). It’s an invitation to pursue something higher and better than I have had before, and to gain a sense of meaning and significance for my life. Never have I needed God more than I do now and henceforth.

This year will see the start of my totality. My hidden self (or alter ego) teaming with my present self to birth latent potentials, live out passions and to fulfill destiny ... Just being total, totally me. Miss Balance. At this point, I wonder what Growing up really means. Is it about evolving into someone you've never been before or simply finding and giving life to the person that's been bottled up inside?

I am presently undergoing an experience I'll like to call 'My Sensuous Awakening.' It began with the olfactories. Started out as a habit, a hobby and now it's a full blown obsession for perfumes (not just about owning them, but knowing and identifying scent families, notes and more.) More interesting is the fact that the rest of my senses are not left out of this era. I have a developed a relish for Wine just as I have rekindled an old passion for classical music by delving into Contemporary Classical. Enya wears the crown, but Yanni is a pure taste of orchestra heaven. Beyond this sensuous arousal is a Spiritual awakening as well, rooted in seeking the Lord (God bless Bishop David Oyedepo.) ‘Tis a truly remarkable degree of self-discovery heightened over a space of 22 days. 2009: I realise my life has only just begun. Really!


AlooFar said...

i love your mantra. I'm going to need it too.

All the best this year.

aloted said...

loving this post..esp your mantra

good to know you are finishing school this year...congrats Miss Balance....

Telekinesys said...

Nice awakening.Classy. The better things in life, especially God.


Happy new year! This will be an excellent year!

MissIndependent said...

Loving this piece....very spicy and fresh. God help us this year....hope ur year is all u see it becoming

Jolaade said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Brown!

The best is what will qualify this year for you.

Enjoy every minute of bliss...



haba, update nah

GamineChic said...


Yo Brownie,

im so happy for you, finishing this year and all..

would love to see more of ya,

This year, is a great year for sure

i feeeeel it,

keep it up eh.

Writefreak said...

i love this post!

And no growing up is not becoming someone else, it's allowing yourself to become the best of who you can be and learning as you go along...

I pray that you will be the best God wants you to be and i am loving your mantra!