Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random 25!

1. I've had my share of ambitions. At some point, I felt so sure I was going to be a music producer. Was (and I still am) very much into instrumentals/ beats.

2. I don't use sugar in anything (cereal, tea...)

3. Last album I bought was Frank Sinatra's (this month).

4. The next instrument I'll learn to play is THE TALKING DRUM!

5. I've only had 3 female artists CDs (Asa, Solange, TY Bello) in my album lineage. Male crooners rock!

6. I keep a weblog (duh!) and a journal.

7. Three awards I've won: Humorous, Spiritual, Charismatic.

8. I love Nokia phones. I use every feature on my phone from notes, reminders, alarms, radio...

9. I think Tyson Beckford is Too HOT to be human!

10. I buy tons of magazines!!! O, TELL, True Love, TIME... I buy ThisDay on Sundays PRIMARILY for the mag content.

11. I love little notes and I keep people's notes. When I leave notes, I indicate the date, exact time and sometimes place.

12. When I like a song, I put the track on repeat and listen to it a minimum of 50 times usually at a stretch.

13. I 'google' almost everything and everybody.

14. I am dependent on sticky notes, notepads, mobile phone notes.

15. First thing I do when I get home from anywhere is to wash my hands.

16. I always misplace one earring (Thanx Ladun) so I try to buy two pairs of the same kind when I can.

17. I cry when I laugh.

18. I am a budding collector of maps, Jazz music and perfumes.

19. My choice sleepwear is a pair of boxers and a tee. lol!

20. I hate cold drinks, love cold places, love hot cakes, can't handle pepper. I hate the smell of new magazines, the feel of new bathroom slippers and being in a vehicle for more than 20 mins.

21. At the end of a year, I clean out all text messages and call logs.

22. I've kept every card (birthday, Christmas ...) I've ever received since I was 13 and I don't forget people's birthdays.

23. Haven't used the word 'promise' in 8 years.

24. Sometimes I use a pencil as a hair accessory.

25. I sing in the shower.


AlooFar said...

You're so incurably weird.

I share 12, 22 not too much of 13 ;)

lol @ 23

rethots said...

25. Wax me an album.

BrownSugar said...

OMG!!!! AlooFar you're just as weird! Everybody (on facebook) including my sister complained about 22! My roommates complain about 12. LOL @ 23!

Okay Rethots, one album coming up right after convocation ;)!

Mamarita said...

Oh Frankie!!! He's my hero, the day I discovered Jazz music, I was "born again" and I have not looked back since.... Frank Sinatra absolutely rocks and if you are feeling him you should listen to Matt Dusk :)

BrownSugar said...

Hehe! Aight, thanx Mama ... I'm going 'dusking' asap!