Saturday, May 16, 2009

Musings of a Venusian turned Martian

“How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?”

The time of the psychological passing over from boyhood to manhood is a movable feast. The legal date fixed on the twenty-first birthday has little or no connection with it. There are men in their teens, and there are boys in their forties. Howbeit, I choose to connect with that part of the psychological timeline when this ‘ASL: 2x/M/earth’ where 9 <> 0 meant you were at a crossroad between adulthood and adolescence and you were in the prime of life. You’d gone past it, you wished you could rewind. You were not yet there, you wondered if it was you or the globe had stopped spinning. Either way, you’re wistful or wishful. And if you were there, you knew you were in the prime of life where your will reigned and everything you did henceforth had consequences. You couldn't be more careful and at the same time more carefree. It was the phase of personalizing spaces and taking up the mantra, “the world is mine” because you could do almost anything, be almost anybody, go almost anywhere and your view of life was a kaleidoscopic combination of credulity, bravado, optimism.

Over the next paragraphs, I’m a 26 year old guy heading the Lagos branch of Zulu Corp. Below is an excerpt from my journal.

Had a crazy day at work today. Was eventually able to beat the submission deadlines and we finally sealed the deal with the Matrix Corp. Omo, thank God it’s Friday and am I looking forward to a great weekend in KD with my guys. Hurried home, got my bags packed and boarded the last flight to Kaduna. Engaged some pretty chick in a conversation and eventually exchanged numbers. Just as we touched base, my old woman called. Chatted a bit and reminded me that I wasn’t getting any younger. Mumsy just has her way of getting her message across to me. Got me thinking seriously, guys do need to settle down. There’s more to life than Lewin cufflinks, Ludacris’ lyrics and lap dances. I got my whole life ahead of me. True but hey, I got time. Besides, ‘Lamide and I just broke up so I’m back in the market.

Twenty minutes later, I’m at Kola’s while we have a chat and wait for Tayo and Jimi to show up. You could imagine the uproar when they finally arrived. Kola led the way to xyz and we had a few drinks while we caught up on old times, and talked about present events. Dreams and decisions, flings and fiancĂ©es, aspirations and reminiscences…

At this point, I think this Venusian has suffered enough trying to imagine life on other planets. I gladly hand the baton to a real Martian…!

Okay, here's the thing. I have been given the Herculean task of imagining what I imagine is a day in the life of a young man (in his twenties) and putting my imagination in print. Task given me by a young man (in his twenties) which he read and rated. Would share the result rating with you but please read and give your own ratings.