Monday, June 15, 2009

Time and Chance

Nokia Note: 11:29, Mon 15.06.2009

Flashback: 15th June 2004. Woke up early in a manic rush to get my hands on the day's dailies. The Guardian, to be precise. It was a day to my 18th birthday and the list of succesful candidates of the Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Test (CUSAT) was to be published on the same day. At the sound of the vendor's horn, I practically flew out to the road and grabbed a copy. With my heart at the tip of my tongue, I searched the pages frantically for my name. Saw my sister's but not mine. My older sister came to take a look while my eyes were still roaming the sheets. And then she shouted in her usual celebration mode tone, "BAYBAY! CONGRATULATIONS!" My sister Steph and I made the list. A cousin who was visiting immediately told us to hop into his ride and off we went to get a cake!

Exactly five years today it's 15th june 2009, the eve of my twenty third birthday and convocation is in four days. My oldest and most loyal Uni friend Ladun, just called to lament about her departmental dress dress having not arrived and she's the MC at tonight's event. I ask a few questions, give some solutions and ask more questions, and she goes, "Graduation list is out. Of course it's 2-1!"

Magna cum laude! I rush off to tell Mom. She gets on her knees, blessing God. And then she turns towards me, and begins blessing me ...

Time and Chance, I must say have been kind to me. These twin siblings have been my friends. I have not been swift or strong, neither can I boast of being wise or skillful of my own accord. Yet God has enabled me to win my races and battles.
He has stocked my storehouses with supplies of bread and riches.
He has robed and perfumed me with royalty and favour.
He has seen me from Start to Finish: Alpha to Omega without neglecting the betas, deltas and thetas.
He has always been and will always be there, full of faith in me and faithful to me.
Thank you Lord for everything including time and chance. To You be all the glory in Jesus' name.


akaBaGucci said...

Time and chance happens to us all.... Sounds like you turned yours into something worthwhile by His help!

Thanks for stopping by and congratulations in advance!

GamineGirlie said...

Congratulations Vicky!

i sure knowing that feeling! it wasnt easy, but totally worth it :)

pink-satin said...

congrats girl

BSNC said...

Two blessings at once. Congratulations gal and happy birthday in advance. May the good lord continue to bless you.


aha, you updated, sef!

happy bday, my sista and congrats on graduation.

Time and chance, and infinite blessings are and will be in your favor. Amin.

Anonymous said...

thank God for his mercy over the past 5 years

loads of love

BrownSugar said...

Wow! I haven't been here in a while. Thank you BaGucci, Gamine, pink-satin, BSNC, Attorney and Anon! Will try to make up for my slackness.