Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Steve Madden and a myriad of arbitrary events

Trying to recover from this blogging hiatus, even as I tender my apologies. Life's been happening to me and I've got my plate full trying to figure out what direction to head out. Life after Uni has been a blend of naivete and boredom with a splash of curiousity equalling genuine novice. Meanwhile, here's an abridged version of the order and series of events that have I have featured in:

  • Girls day out (Sistahz Inc)
  • French Classes at Alliance Francaise
  • Applications for postgraduate study
  • Dental troubles
  • Women Empowerment articles and books
  • Cinema trips: “The Proposal”
  • Get candid opinion from friends
  • Beach trips with family

  1. Mum questions my relationship status!
  2. Ran into a guy I blogged about.
  3. Rain! Rain! Rain!
  4. First (and LAST!!!) Moluwe ride experience
  5. Got a call from a publisher.
  6. Michael Jackson passed on.

Plans in progress:

  • Attend Taruwa
  • Attend Book Reading event
  • Meet Chimamanda Adichie
  • Register for Women in Engineering conference
  • Meet with best friend from high school
  • NYSC!
  • Driving school
  • Relocate
  • Stay informed on Telecommunications industry
  • Read biographies
  • Complete first chapter of the book
  • Be on "Don't forget the lyrics Nigeria!"

LOL! This the state of my 'Steve Maddens.' Classic! Will be back with details.

p.s Those Red Devils however are not Steve Maddens but Christian Louboutins!