Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Steve Madden and a myriad of arbitrary events

Trying to recover from this blogging hiatus, even as I tender my apologies. Life's been happening to me and I've got my plate full trying to figure out what direction to head out. Life after Uni has been a blend of naivete and boredom with a splash of curiousity equalling genuine novice. Meanwhile, here's an abridged version of the order and series of events that have I have featured in:

  • Girls day out (Sistahz Inc)
  • French Classes at Alliance Francaise
  • Applications for postgraduate study
  • Dental troubles
  • Women Empowerment articles and books
  • Cinema trips: “The Proposal”
  • Get candid opinion from friends
  • Beach trips with family

  1. Mum questions my relationship status!
  2. Ran into a guy I blogged about.
  3. Rain! Rain! Rain!
  4. First (and LAST!!!) Moluwe ride experience
  5. Got a call from a publisher.
  6. Michael Jackson passed on.

Plans in progress:

  • Attend Taruwa
  • Attend Book Reading event
  • Meet Chimamanda Adichie
  • Register for Women in Engineering conference
  • Meet with best friend from high school
  • NYSC!
  • Driving school
  • Relocate
  • Stay informed on Telecommunications industry
  • Read biographies
  • Complete first chapter of the book
  • Be on "Don't forget the lyrics Nigeria!"

LOL! This the state of my 'Steve Maddens.' Classic! Will be back with details.

p.s Those Red Devils however are not Steve Maddens but Christian Louboutins!


aloted said...

yippeee she has finished school o..thank God

I gbadun these shoes o..lovely!

i see u have been up to a lot...

so wat did u tell ur mum??

BrownSugar said...

Hey Aloted! Lol! Errr, me I don't even know what to tell myself first! Newaiz, I just smiled and exited the scene playfully. That might not work another time, I know!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

So email is

Girlz Only (a journal of past, present and future events) said...

lovely shoes

nice concept

MissBalance said...

Aight, thank you Harry. And thank you too G.O.

pink-satin said...

how are you?

MissBalance said...

Pleasant surprise, pink pink. I'm good. Thanx 4 asking. Heading to your blog spot.

Simbo said...

Hi, just checking up on you.
HOT SHOES!!! the pictures are making me salivate

seems u read my mind for part of ur lists, done the Girls day out, Met with best friend from high school;wonderful experience, done the Cinema trips: “The Proposal”- almost laffed myself off the chair;lovely movie, tried relocating, didn't work so i'm locating myself back, will do the French Classes, Driving skul, Applications for postgraduate study, Attend Taruwa, Attend Book Reading event, Meet Chimamanda Adichie, NYSC, Read biographies, presently doing the Women Empowerment articles and books. Not planning on Registering for Women in Engineering conference, Staying informed on Telecommunications industry, Being on "Don't forget the lyrics Nigeria!" lol

You got a call from a publisher?! so happy 4 u, so whatsup now, whats happenning? Do keep me posted, i'd like to know watagwan with u over time. Ciao

Sorry d comment is so long, i have dis really bad habit of doing that on peoples notes and blogs, but seems i can't help meself, i've

MissBalance said...

Simbi mi! I just followed your link: You blog with Tosyn? That's so cooooool! I hardly listen to anyother station these days other than 96.9 and 99.9 FM. I guess I could add 90.9, if I would hear you on it. LOL! I think I've accomplished everything on that to-do list o, except of course being on TV. I think its fake sef, cuz texts and calls never go through. lol! My thoughts. I relocated and I'm back in Lagos, as well. Simbi, we have turned this to a chat room o! lol! Would love to stay in touch wiv you jare. Thanx for checking us out. Will do the same.