Monday, February 15, 2010


Close male friend: “Are you bothered that you don’t have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Honestly? Not really and that bothers my mum.”

Close male friend: “So remind me why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Close male friend: “If I didn’t know you and I saw you, I wouldn’t approach you.”

Me: *Blank Stare* "Seriously?!"

Close male friend: "Yea, I’m serious."

Me: Why?

Close male friend: "You’re nice and friendly. See you’re a classy babe but you look like a snob. You give that look like ..." (Pauses.)

Me: "Tell me about it."

Close male friend: "Don’t get me wrong but you need to ... you need to ... whats the word now ... you need to be more open. You’re friendly and nice but you need to flex. Even back in school, you were cool and nice like that but you still didn’t let people get too close to you. You keep people at an arm’s length."

Me: "So how do we go about it?"

Close male friend: "Hmmm ... Tell you what ..."


MizzAbbie said...

Ahan...y u bin come punctuate the Lil miss snobface...hope u sha took the tips to keep ;)

akaBagucci said...

lol.. when shall we get the rest of the gist?

~Sirius~ said...


That was me all my life until 3 years ago

I only loosened up when I started working.

Don't worry.
You'll learn in good time.

(PS: apparently it's all a cover; to frighten all those useless "men")

Miss FlyHigh said...

yup a cover i think Mine was a cover

Good Naija Girl said...

Maybe I'm a ridiculous romantic but I keep thinking that the right guy will make the effort to break through that seemingly impenetrable façade!

seye said...

Which kind suspense be this... Tell you what?.... what's the conclusion??

onosetale(damsel) said...

lol...ive been told that too...ive since 'loosened up' lol

DeComebackKid said...

Finish the gist na...