Friday, April 9, 2010

Well, it's an update.

I heard y’all wanted to know what it was that Close Male Friend told me on Val’s day. LOL! I wasn’t teasing or pulling any thriller stunts. I thought it was appropriate that the blog post ended when it did and that’s why I wrapped it up where I did. Well, nothing has changed; I still don’t have a boyfriend. Not like I even took the advice. Don’t get worried though. It’s not a big deal. Yet.

This should be the/my most Random blog post ever. Here goes:

Right now, I’m home, listening to Meat Loaf and I have Erykah Badu, John Legend, Timbaland, Donell Jones, Diana Ross, Barry White, Common , Blackstreet queued on my playlist. I spent the earlier part of today with one of my mentors who first protected my interest and reinforced my passion for telecommunications.

Does anyone of you know I’m an NYSC corps member? Signify in the comments box please. All this while, I had been in some remote village and just recently got redeployed to Lagos, my hometown. Don’t even blame this Ibo girl for claiming Lagos as her hometown, after all it is the city of my birth. I had some crazy experiences during the two months I spent in rurality and it took a while to clear the fog it left on my mind. As time goes on, I will upload the chronicles I pencilled to keep myself from going crackers.

I saw the Clash of the Titans movie yesterday and I must say I loved every bit of it while the picture was in motion. It’s only normal that you have an opinion after an event has occurred. Having said this, the aftertaste didn’t leave me impressed once the movie was over. I remember watching the 1981 version on TNT classic movies years ago and I must say that Letterier’s effort paled in comparison, not in terms of the graphics but in his inability to (re)produce a storyline of equal strength.
I don’t know what you did last April Fools’ Day but I had Nkwobi for the first time in all my three and two decades of existence. I mean, I almost ate my fingers. Same day I also met a blogger for the first time since we started talking in the summer of 2008, and had technically and technologically become good friends from Blogville, to Facebook, to Yahoo messenger, to phone conversations, to BBM and then we finally met on April Fools day. The lady is simply a bundle of blessings. (I choose to ignore your reaction.)

I’m in the habit of influencing the people around me with my favourite music. Not like I do it intentionally, as a matter of fact I was told. It’s so bad that the other day, my mum was heard singing YQ’s I like girls. Inasmuch as I might have (mis)interpreted most of the music churned out by this generation as cacophony, I have found delightful melody in a chosen few. The stars of this post are no other than Ese Peters and Bez Idakula. Small wonder, they both play the guitar and sing so beautifully. Well, I do those too but the former’s limited to the walls of my bedroom and the latter, my bathroom and both activities could collide on the balcony. The only thing that’s stopping me from asking my Igwe grandfather to rewrite tradition in my favour and make it the woman’s place to seek a man’s hand in marriage is that in my case, I would be aiming for polyandry. You can get more info on Ese here on his Facebook link as well as his MySpace page here.

And finally, you can catch both Ese and Bez in Technicolor performing live at Taruwa.

I toyed with the idea of enhancing one of my favourite body parts. You guessed wrong. It was cutting my hair really short and putting red highlights in it. So i took a trip to the salon, and sat in the stylist’s chair. The dyeing procedure was to precede the cutting and we got started. And so he dyed it, blow dried it and straightened and flat tonged it. He kept combing my hair and I kept staring into the mirror admiring the silkiness, body and length of the hair and how well it had done since my last hair cut in September 2007. And then just when he reached for his scissors, I just shook my head, “Don’t!” I’m still a streaked redhead, nevertheless.

I just realised I have legs and I’m on a short dress frenzy. I must admit it took a while to get to this phase as I have only admired such on mannequins and warm blooded women alike but would never wear them without tights until my sister took to hiding the said tights from me. Err, for lack of a more apt quote, what does not kill you, would make you stronger right? She has long invested two sexy dresses in my wardrobe. Yours truly may also be spotted on the beach sporting a pair of shorts, and I mean SHORTS not Capri pants as I did in the past.

It’s almost that time of the year when Wanderlust torments us and this time, it seems the needle of the compass on my list of lifetime must-visits is swinging towards 51° 31’ 0 N, Longitude: 0° -6’ 0 E.

Roses are red, violets are blue. My hair is red and my toenails blue.

The clock just struck 12 (midnight) and I'm giving a birthday shout out to fellow blogger and friend, Funkola. May God bless you mightily and make your coming years more meaningful and fulfilling than the past.