Sunday, July 11, 2010

(Un)Happy feet

It's Friday and I'm sitting in the banking hall of a popular Nigerian bank. It is cold in here, the ambience is lethargic, and every other person's talking with a voice that makes them sound like they are sleep-talking. As I wait for the successful negotiation of my transaction, there are not many pastime options and I am left with staring at the shoes of the bankers. Mentally, I begin to collect and analyse numerical data.

The men's shoes are black, polished, shiny, lace ups with upturned mouths. The heels range from 1-3cm thick: 2.54cm/1 inch. A third of the shoes are worn-out. A penny for your thoughts, what are you thinking when you wear worn-out shoes out? It is the intention of the writer of this article to alliterate as she digresses.

It must be bad shoe day. Or maybe Bad shoe Friday.

However, the socks are not so bad. There are no cartoon prints or riots or non-identical pairs, only monochrome shades of sock fabric.

I look to the women for aesthetic salvation. Where the Louboutins at? The Isaac Mizrahis, Steve Maddens, Manolo Blahniks ...? They must be firm believers in egalitarian principles: the situation of the women footwear is equally as calamitous. I really wonder if it being a Friday has got anything to do with it. It must be this bank. Or maybe this branch. It must be Ugly shoe day. Another guy saunters around wearing a pair of drivers, asks if I would like some tea or wine. DRIVERS! In the era of the dot com boom? That must be like twittering from a Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

I notice there's a generational gap between the bankers. I can clearly identify the interns from the old hands by their fashion (accessories, style, colours etc ) and the general TGIF approach.

Maybe the bankers start the week in their Manolo's, Mauri's, Moscoloni's and what have you (I'm really not up to date with men's corporate shoes, I'm relying on childhood memories of my dad wearing Mauri's and in more recent times, I spotted a pair of Stacy Adams in my brother's room) and as the weekdays roll out, their choice of footwear deteriorates and finally breaks down on Fridays.

What an unhappy bank :(
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Just...Toluwa said...

nice analysis of a bank using their shoes..interesting!

Olabimtan said...

Much love to all my shoeaholics...

Douglas said...

Maybe they were just a li'l worn-out designer shoes.... after-all, u said it urself, u ain't particularly conversant with male footwear now, are u!!!?

MissBalance said...

LOL! Thank you Toluwa

Bimtan *Raising champagne glass* CHEERS!

You can say that again Mr. Lawwyy :)

MissBalance said...

You gat a point there Doug ... but errr, I trhink I do too :)

AlooFar said...

Nice one. Really nice.

MissBalance said...

ALOOFUS! Great to see your footprints on here :) Thank you.