Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Nwabundo Onyeabo, with Love.

Nwando, I'm curious. What is it you think you have done with this book?
I was in the middle of a poem when I realised I was hearing my voice and
reading my lines, my thoughts, my language, my mentors and my soul in
your poetry. I mean, I could almost sue you for plagiarism.

You must know that my entire core dances with pride as if I have
published my own, my excitement as genuine as if 'Out of Curiousity'
is my baby.

You must know how much I cherish our friendship-cum-sisterhood-cum-'ejimatives'.
In your book, you've shown me that my ideas conceived during Christmas
hols in my hometown are ready to break free and be sold off
bookshelves in Lekki, Lome or Louisiana. That someone out there will
identify with my mind, however timid.

At this point, I will put this pen down and return to reading 'Between
Lovers', which is written in a language that I so love to mimic.
God bless you, Ejima m.

You are Greatness!


transit said...

؛spɹɐƃǝɹ ʇsǝq

˙ǝʇısqǝʍ ɹno oʇ oƃ uɐɔ noʎ 'sʇuoɟ ǝnbıun puıɟ oʇ pǝǝu noʎ ɟı
'ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ʎq

0‾0 ǝɔıu sʞooן ƃoןq ɹnoʎ
¡ƃuıʇǝǝɹƃ ɯɹɐʍ ¡puǝıɹɟ ʎɯ oןןǝɥ

seye said...

This is where you hand that book over to me!!!!!!!!!!!

MissBalance said...

Wow! Nice one, Transit. How did you get that font to read upside down?

Lol! Hey Seye! Show some love and get one at the Palms pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :)

Amy said...

nice! where can i get it here?

MissBalance said...

LOLO'S ON MY BLOG SPOT!!! Aloha! Thinking it should be at Ceddi bookstore.

dScR?Be said...

o wow.. just seen this... ur awesome lady...

@transit, dts SOOPER COOL! I want! lollz