Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Say NO to scrubs, and well of course, drugs.

If you do read this, I need your heartfelt reactions and opinions. Kindly do me the honours of sharing your thoughts with me in the comment box, be you male or female.

A guy asks you out on a date. You're not exactly friends with him in the real sense of the word, neither are you strangers. You've pretty much known each other for a while but it's been nothing deep, just on a passing acquaintance level. Insisting he would like to treat you during this proposed date, he chooses the venue, you give your consent regarding the time and date. He offers to pick you up and shows up promptly. Conversation is brilliant, wit, chemistry, humour all hit the mark plus he's good looking too.

You arrive at the venue, it's an upscale restaurant. The waiter serves you both copies of the menu and Mr. Date reminds you that it's part of his treat to pick your meal and to this you don't decline and the order is made for you both. True to his word, the food is impeccable, worth every bit of the hype.

The waiter shows up at the end with the menu. Mr. Date picks it up, reads the bill note and puts an amount of money in the book, and hands it to you. You take and open it to discover he has put exactly half the amount that's stated on the bill. Yea, that's your cue; you are to pay for your food ...
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