Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking for my blind side

July 6th 2009.

Me: Dear friend, please I need your candid opinion. What one thing is very obvious to you as my effortless strength? Your response is invaluable.

Michael Nnochiri: Goal getter!

Tolu Faloye: Writing.

Ladun Olatunde: Writing articles, reading cramming song lyrics...looking pretty. lol. Making fabulous friends and bringing people together.

Anne Ayang: Guess your ability to manage work n pleasure. Insatiable thirst for information that gives you an edge.

Mark Akpaibor: For me it's your SET mind. You are very determined and when you put your mind to do something no matter how obscene, you do it.

Oluchi Duru: Your ability to bring people together, to reach out to people and draw them to you somehow. I think it has to do with charisma.

Tobi Ogundolapo: Your ability to express your self in words.

Jide Ayeni: Discipline and honesty.

Deola Owokade: You have lovely listening skills. You are fun to talk to and share problems with.

Jolaade Alao: Your ability to stay calm in the face of a storm.

Emi Longe: Your independence and strength of character. Also, your ability to be candid with yourself and to be yourself no matter.

Lotanna Egwuatu: Your writing.

Damilola Adu: Your writing. You tend to draw people to you or people like you naturally without you making any effort.

Simbo Olatoregun: Your loyalty to your friends, your creativity (A la TTG group 8 drama), the name 'pink suede', your desktop background at times, your maturity and your ability to give someone ALL your attention. I admire that a lot.

Sanmi Ibitoye: effortless strength to me is a person's ability given by nature. Basically more like one's strong point. And from a careful thought on who you are. It's obviously your ability to win people's confidence. Your personality commands respect, especially when one gets an initial impression that you just might be too fragile to pull a string you win with ease. I can't explain that. Loads of people fight so hard to achieve that.

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Just...Toluwa said...

long time Ms. balance.

How have u been? Interesting post! It seems you harnessed your strengths1

MissBalance said...

Hey Toluwa! Thanks for stopping by. It's really been a while. Found this in my archives and decided to put it up. Hope you are doing great! I'm off to your blog.

Myne Whitman said...

Interesting, some bits remind me of me. I wish you all the best girl.

MissBalance said...

For real? Thanks for the kind words and wishes, Myne :)

S said...

whoa! u still have this? was completely shocked to see my name there, :), just vaguely recall writing it sef, but i still mean it. trust you've been good. Cheers...