Monday, February 28, 2011

Moi, toi et Ménage à trois

Beautiful Saturday morning, trapped in the house by the rain. While the angry thunder seeks to be pacified as raindrops trickle down my window pane on the outside, it's me, John Legend and a cup of latte indoors this morning. Pure therapeutic algebra: Rain, Coffee and Music.

What could possibly go wrong with this divine trio?
Sure to wipe off a writer's tears and put an end to his cramped flow, be it dusk or dawn.
The rain's there to inspire a calm,
The music to soothe like a good masseur,
And steaming coffee bridges your lips to your soul.
It's the beginning of true poetry.

Inhale, dance, write.
Search your soul. Silence your fears.
Ignite your essence. Rouse your senses.
Revive your passions. Relive your dreams.
Relish the moment. Find your balance.
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Just...Toluwa said...

hmmm...certainement un trio ordonné

Hope u are doing well.

MissBalance said...

Tu sais la verité :) I'm doing great dear! Merçi.

Rayo said...

i wish my balance would find me, i'm kinda tired of searching for it

lawwyy said...

tres bien read

Adiya said...

Ooh. I like this. I want some rain, coffee and music too. And throw in a blanket and a cupcake there too- menage a cinq :D

olaolubee said...

ooooo this one i love. uuuuu i love this one to bits.