Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I had practised and perfected my victory speech. Having worked and wanted it for so long, (the) reality could not find a more perfect match for my imagination. When it finally did arrive, I was too sure it would not be without cheers and clarinets and cymbals. Without a doubt, it was to be an unending moment of celebration.

In the back of a broken down car in an empty lot, waiting for the tow company, I am gazing at bored leaves in shades of orange and rusty brown, once green, propelled by the mischievous wind as they flap, float and fall lazily. Clouds are gathering and before long, easy raindrops begin to slide carefully down this side of the car's windows.
In one cool, quiet moment, I realise I am sitting right in the middle of my dream.
Treading so softly, blowing no trumpets or candles, my private victory finally did arrive and almost ... I almost missed it.
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