Saturday, August 13, 2011

The other day at Schiphol

Travelling through Amsterdam, Netherlands requires being searched at the Schiphol airport security. Passengers at Schiphol have the option of being frisked or going through a scanner, and I chose to walk through. I got through without hassles to the other side and waited at my boarding gate while I absent-mindedly looked around for some sort of entertainment.

A scene got my full attention when one male passenger walked through the detector unsuccessfully. The detector had gone off and he was to be screened MANually by a male official. With a raised brow, I observed the degree of frisking and fondling going on and I looked around for other onlookers' reactions. The German speaking lads seated beside me were also watching, whispering and laughing. What was I missing? I took one more look at the scene and noticed the frisked man was beaming and grinning so much that I burst into fits of laughter. He was clearly being rubbed the right way.
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