Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sober with a Chance of Chaos

That incessant, grating sound of buzzing in the background that resonates in your head all day long. You fought so hard to figure it out and you looked for it, turning off the radio and the TV hoping to drown the din, popped aspirins until gradually and eventually, you habituated to. Exactly! It's like tinnitus, actually stemming from the environment. That very theme song from ever present generators is no longer audible in my thoughts. There's peace and quiet breezing in and out the corridors of my mind all the way to the back of my head. I can now hear silence and I do not take this for granted.

While others metamorphose, some things never change.

True, I may not have had to worry about 'light' - power failure, NEPA and the compulsory option of stocking up on jerricans of diesel for my generator, but it's switched from No Light to Colored Lights. Just when life settles the issue of NEPA striking just before I sort unironed laundry, suddenly cares of mine involve running red lights at traffic points, flashing blue lights from cop cars on the Interstate 85. From BRT bus tickets and the notorious Apapa weekday traffic congestion to watching my speedometer while cruising through freeways and avoiding fines for parking violations.

While I have come to adapt to common sense living and little luxuries of automated lifestyles: redbox kiosks, 24 hour drive-thru delis, book orders from Amazon arriving in my mailbox four days later, making a stop at the self service gas pump while driving home from 2924 Clairmont at 3.17 am, there's no denying the fact:

I am from Lagos and I miss my chaos. Badly.

"Every nation thinks its own madness normal and requisite; more passion and more fancy it calls folly, less it calls imbecility." - George Santayana.

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