Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Poetry Day: For When He Held My Face

Shall it go down in history that I knew it was poetry day and failed to acknowledge it? Nope! And on this note, before the clock strikes 12, I present this painted soulful expression written by Ajike. Enjoy!

A little more gloss.
More smack.
More gloss.
This mirror. Or my eyes. Which?
What did it matter?
I was going to be with the one I believed loved me.
They said he'd like flowery,
He'd call me beautiful.

Tug, tug, pull, pull
The flowery dress did fit right
Except for the chest area
There was the jacket to take care of that.

Little flower blooming, if only you knew.
If only you knew to take a walk instead on lying cuddling up to him,
Like the many times you imagined him while you chatted.
He had nothing to entertain you with; thoughtless.
Do you not prepare to make someone you care about comfortable in your own home?
No, don't make mountains out of mole hills.
Sit pretty and enjoy his company.

He was back with something for you to drink.
What happens after is a blur but he holds your face and blurts out,
"You are not fine jor."

You still say it sometimes, not missing the last word.
Get that voice out of your head, darling.
That sinking feeling when he said,
"I do not see you in my waking and sleeping ..."
That, you appreciated; the honesty.
You would not have it any other way.

That feeling resurfaced, when he left you for another.
It was final and you knew to be wise,
To walk away from his offer of 'love.'
Love is not a decision you make without those feelings.
Men are crazy; crazy in love.
If he's not crazy, crazy for you at first,
He'll never grow crazy in love with you, ever.

But you know now to love yourself first.
What does it matter that you failed, that you made a mistake?
You learned to be vulnerable, to be human, to hope, to take a leap, 
To not wait to be perfect to love and be loved.
You are strange, and beautiful, and kind and special,
Something not everyone knows how to love.
Including you.

To growth and loving yourself first, Ajike.
Shine brighter!

For When He Held My Face by Ajike A., 2013.

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