Saturday, January 25, 2014

Timestamps for Titles

Barely a week into the 2014, the days sneaked out, weeks crept in and in fractions of seconds, finals are drawing too close for comfort. Amidst new year resolutions, prayers, celebrations, fastings and indecent icy, windy winter temperatures, the semester took off in a hurry. Was it not only yesterday that we were counting down and ringing in the New Year vicariously from Times Square?

For one reason, job, circumstance or the other, I had postponed my postgraduate move for a long time, and resorted to taking short courses, certifications and my recent favorite, MOOCs. But finally time and chance showed up with an opportunity for graduate business school, and I snatched it gracefully. From all indication, this year's timeline of events will be like no other, I need to keep logs for this even though my schedule just got ten times busier and blogging is the least of my worries.

Speaking of busy schedules, I need to learn the art of time management (which is #1 on the list, with money management following closely behind, and saying NO to projects coming in third place) as soon as last year, to avoid burning out and ageing before I hit my 30s. In another post, I will worry muse about being closer to 30 than 20.

So here's to 2014, I am taking my chances and putting my best face forward!

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