Thursday, March 6, 2014

Work in Progress

Not all who wander are lost.

I have eloped, escaped, trekked, traveled, wondered, wandered, meandered and each farther step has brought me closer.
In each moment of my days I have learned, hoped, cried, prayed, believed, sunk, sung, danced.
Taken risks, set paces, joined band wagons, made life changing choices, been indecisive.
Made friends and lost some along the way.
I have aspired, achieved, and I have become.
All in all, I am on my way.

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Unknown said...

How I love this Woman named "Amoge"
You inspire me and give me hope
All in all.
All over all.
All on all.
We are on our way :)
#Sisterhood #Latoria

lawwyy said...

enjoyed this post, just in time... through it all, I am on my way.