Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Empire State of Mind

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard,
Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.

I dream of you, New York.
Four days to go and here I am counting down, all giddy with excitement!
It's no secret California has my heart, but I wonder if you'd be strong enough to contend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

New York is meant to break you

"New Yorkers will spread you like butter and they will take advantage of you. Do not be friendly with anyone! Mind your business, just do what you have to do and come back to us when you're done."

"Keep to yourself and don't try to talk to anyone at work about your personal life. Nobody cares."

"You will fall in love ... with New York." 

"I love New York. I think you'll like it. You're smart girl. You'll be fine."

"... Look out for the Italian sandwiches."

"The South is too slow for people like you. you should go to California or maybe even New York."

"Listen, and ask better questions. Be more confident and assertive."

"NY is too hustle and bustle for you. California suits your demeanor, but then again, you grew up in Gidi (Lagos)"

Oh well, guess I'll find out in two weeks!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Yesterday would have marked the beginning of my daily routines at Galleria Parkway but just in nick of time, I detoured as life would have it.
I could not help but think of my life in the form of an animated storyboard as a journey with different options and routes.
I wonder if the different routes all converge at a place eventually, if they are asymptotes or parallel paths.
You never know.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Delete. Don't Delete.


I was looking at my 'news feed' on Instagram (I rarely use that thing) and saw one of my friend's picture of some food art came up as I scrolled down. I thought of her, and how we hadn't spoken in ages. She was one of my favorite people, great heart, don't care about a thing and guaranteed to keep you laughing. I reached for my phone in no time and gave her a ring.

We were Berkeley roommates last year, and at that time, she had this boyfriend who she adored and was almost inseparable from. His name dropped out of her lips at the slightest opportunity. Not in an annoying way, but in some cute, hopelessly way. She was my roommate and I got to meet him a couple times. From the look of things and without getting into detail, they were pretty committed, and it seemed like they were heading somewhere (the altar, in this case).

Fast forward to few weeks back when I gave her a call after a long time. It was graduation season, and I calculated she would be rounding off. We talked for hours catching up, throwing back memories and making future plans. And then I asked her about the boyfriend, teasing and referring to him as one of the fond nicknames I had heard her call him before.

We broke up.

You know how someone tries to hit you with reality and you ask them to stop joking? That was my reaction. "Girl, be serious. How is xxx?"
I still didn't get it. Not these two, it was impossible.
"I'm going to ask you one last time. How is xxx?"

This time I called him by his real name. And then a sigh followed and she narrated a sad story to me.

I scrolled back to her Instagram page and there I saw that all the pictures she had of both of them were gone. That was when I believed. And that is the part that inspired this post, far from attempting to tell private stories about people's love lives.

After the call ended, I reflected on how we (people, myself included) put out parts of our lives, and pictures, out there. When something goes awry, say we get hurt, relationships end, we take down memories from our social media accounts and struggle for a while with voices, memories in our hearts and heads. It's not necessarily wrong or bad, it's just become part of the culture these days. I don't know where I am going with this or what to do with the ending of this post, so I'll just end here. Romantic musings are clearly not for all.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Yours Truly, Winner of the Deloitte Technology Consulting Challenge!