Saturday, August 23, 2014

1st World, 3rd World, Whose World?

I’m Late.

My upbringing may be one of the factors that have hurt me in terms of missing out what the rest of the world was taking for granted at my age, but I won't take for granted that the same has helped me enough to get me on the scene. 

Given me a mind that’s curious and easily wants to know what’s on the other side of the wall. 
Helped me enough to make me realize where I am, and see that I have to catch up. 

I am learning to ride a bicycle, play volleyball, swim, work while schooling, and play chess.

At different times, the scene belongs to a different group, but I have learnt to keep the same attitude 
all the time. 

I tell myself, it doesn’t matter. You are here now. Now catch up.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

140 characters more or less

I read somewhere that boredom is a precious thing.

Well, I am clearly bored of keeping a blog. Not necessarily with blogging, maybe with this blog.
I have taken to different forms of blogging on micro platforms - the Twitters, Facebooks, Google Plus, Instagrams, Pinterests, Foodspottings, Tumblrs.
Never MySpace, never.
I create notes and logs in apps for food and fitness, and Google Drive.

Revamp or start something new?
Tending towards the latter.
Integrate sounds like a better deal.
Or theme.

If the reader of this post is concerned about thinking in bursts or wondering if I am simply writing blurbs, then the reader should know that the writer is on presently on page 119 of 220 of "The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains," by Nicholas Carr, on my Kindle Cloud Reader.
And believe me, that explains this blog post.

In other news, this six year old electronic moniker that is "Miss Balance" has to go.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Joneses: Neighbors not Roommates

This Forbes article just changed my life.

That probably flashed a tad too dramatic but yes, changing one’s thinking is ultimately changing one’s life. In a nutshell, it is a story of two friends who decided to start a “buy nothing year” thing and it resonated with me. I started out this week telling myself I would buy nothing, this week. No eating out, not even lunch at my work cafeteria. Well, so far it’s Thursday, and I gave in just once yesterday. But anyway, the message at the heart of the story is simple: You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and I thought it was a great coincidence for me to run into an article when I myself was embarking on a similar venture, howbeit on a smaller scale.

I have decided that I am not leaving room for the Joneses to suddenly creep in on me and subtly take over my finances. I use Mint, and spent a good two hours over the weekend, planning, categorizing, budgeting and partly wondering why the app was not intelligent enough in its time to see patterns and make predictions, saving me the time and stress of manually adjusting the “Uncategorized” transactions. Watson takeover long overdue!

"The outside influences are always pouring in upon us, and we are always obeying their orders and accepting their verdicts. The Smiths like the new play; the Joneses go to see it, and they copy the Smith verdict.” - Mark Twain, Corn Pone Opinions.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Past presents Future

So close, Steve, I am so close. These are exciting times in a girl’s life. My steps are not mature or enough for retrospection but I feel it!
2014 is my best year yet. It took off on such a bang, a bang so hard that eight months in, I am still sailing through. In truth, it’s not evenly spread over all areas, but am I thrilled for these life landmarks.

Listening to NPR can make you weird and/or keep you doing weird things, if you were born with it. Like writing a letter to your future self and sending it to a company who would keep it and mail it back to you in the future. Which I did, after listening in one night while driving to Zaxby’s for a Cajun Club sandwich. 

Anyway, I'm glad I did write the letter and I’m looking forward to hearing from myself on my 30th birthday. Makes me wonder about the company in question, whose name now eludes me, and their reasoning behind being in business: setting up shop to receive and transmit secrets, prayers, hopes in letters between the past, present and future. Handlers, keepers and re-deliverers, who really play no part in manipulating time.