Saturday, August 23, 2014

1st World, 3rd World, Whose World?

I’m Late.

My upbringing may be one of the factors that have hurt me in terms of missing out what the rest of the world was taking for granted at my age, but I won't take for granted that the same has helped me enough to get me on the scene. 

Given me a mind that’s curious and easily wants to know what’s on the other side of the wall. 
Helped me enough to make me realize where I am, and see that I have to catch up. 

I am learning to ride a bicycle, play volleyball, swim, work while schooling, and play chess.

At different times, the scene belongs to a different group, but I have learnt to keep the same attitude 
all the time. 

I tell myself, it doesn’t matter. You are here now. Now catch up.

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