Saturday, August 2, 2014

Past presents Future

So close, Steve, I am so close. These are exciting times in a girl’s life. My steps are not mature or enough for retrospection but I feel it!
2014 is my best year yet. It took off on such a bang, a bang so hard that eight months in, I am still sailing through. In truth, it’s not evenly spread over all areas, but am I thrilled for these life landmarks.

Listening to NPR can make you weird and/or keep you doing weird things, if you were born with it. Like writing a letter to your future self and sending it to a company who would keep it and mail it back to you in the future. Which I did, after listening in one night while driving to Zaxby’s for a Cajun Club sandwich. 

Anyway, I'm glad I did write the letter and I’m looking forward to hearing from myself on my 30th birthday. Makes me wonder about the company in question, whose name now eludes me, and their reasoning behind being in business: setting up shop to receive and transmit secrets, prayers, hopes in letters between the past, present and future. Handlers, keepers and re-deliverers, who really play no part in manipulating time.


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