Wednesday, April 15, 2015

... And The Pursuit of Open Happyness

We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of 

Tons of great things happening around me. Off the top of my head, my parents and siblings are well, my friends are in a happy place, and I am in an extra special place. My Jolaade landed an internship at a reputable company. My college friends the Owokade's are spanking new parents of an adorable baby girl. My very own "tribesmen," Yetunde and Yemi are getting married in a couple months. My girl Tayo O. landed a job and also found love! Deola K. landed a new job as well, and I am positive Biola J.O. is next in line. Tolu O. got his startup up and running and is well on his way to success.

And happening to me: I started a new job last week, and if I gave you half the details of the entire process, you’d agree with me that it really is a miracle. But I’ll skip the details today. Remind me in person J

Yesterday, I got honored at school for being the Outstanding Graduate Student in the department of Computer Information Systems. It was an award from William W. Cotterman, an accomplished scholar and patron saint of Information Systems at Georgia State University, who at some point was appointed by the then US president Jimmy Carter to a Committee on White House Information Systems within the Executive Office of the President. Wow!
I was and still am super thrilled, proud, and grateful. It’s such a big deal for me. I have decided to pay this act of kindness forward in the near future.

& Liberty
Would this be celebrating the fact that there is New York in my future or that I am a Lady Liberty of some sort?

An application I had turned in and waited on forever finally got approved. It was the best news I had received in a long time. I was visibly trembling when I got it. I would not let go of Yemi, after which I proceeded to hug Yetunde, who I squeezed so tightly that we nearly lost balance. Then I knelt down, jumped on the sofa and pretty much cartwheeled around the living room while screaming the whole time. Apt it happened on Good Friday too! God hears prayers.

& the pursuit of (open) happiness
And speaking of happiness, in addition to all the great events earlier mentioned, today makes it a week into my spanking new job and I have already learnt a lesson the hard way about brands. Yikes! Not really hard, but things could have got really bad, depending on who saw me. My offense? I innocently took my favorite potato crisps to work and right in the middle of the bag, I was called out for eating a major competitor (actually, archenemy)’s product on the premises. I hardly eat crisps but this one is my Kryptonite: it's kettle cooked, jalapeno flavored and to top it all, has my name on it. 
Sigh! I just want MY chips the way the “enemy” makes it. Why can’t we all just play nice? :’(

In other news, It's Tax Day, America! W00t! Still waiting on the IRS for my tax refund, however.

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