Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Town Crier, City Rambler

Never shop on an empty stomach. And this has nothing to do with clothes.

I went after work today to check out some furniture stores. I'm furniture shopping for my first "bachelor" pad, my very own apartment! I hear it's (supposed to be) exciting, but I fear it would be more overwhelming for me. These are not the things that excite me. Coming up with ideas for matching sets and pieces for a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom ... *GAG*
Honestly, if I could afford to, I would simply move in a heartbeat into an already furnished spot. Stress. Hives. Remember.

While still in the season of starting all over in a new place and space, I thought I'd challenge myself every (other) week. This first one will be budget related: no eating out throughout the week. I've stocked up on groceries (even that needs checking. Living round the block from WalMart & Publix back in GA has left me comfortably spoiled and whimsical in this regard). I'll be cooking my lunch and dinner throughout this week, nevertheless, I'm not one to pass up on invites to lunch/dinner as long as it's "on the house" :) And that brings me back to the first line of this post. I never knew there were so many Dunkin' Donut shops between work and home until today. I was so famished and tired from furniture shopping, I almost caved at the sight of the first Subway I spotted on Route 9. It's barely day 2 of 7.

Ah! Again, since we brought up the topic of Route 9, (unplanned enjambment), I won't conclude this post without letting off some steam about the said American highway. For the last 14 days, my daily commute has been the most infuriating part of my day. Why? Because within an otherwise short span of 6.6 miles, I encounter 29 traffic lights on this tiny stretch of road. 29! Even if I hadn't just moved from the blessed Interstates 75/85 (after rush hour of course), it's torturous for anyone below 70 years of age to have to drive at 40 mph. And I'm not even 30 yet. I say probably too many seniors and retirees in the area, which is fine, but having to share the road at 8.30am, at that "speed" is hardly productive.

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