Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Morning Breath

Mornings are for praising God.
I wake up, and whisper softly to the One who gave me breath.
Breath means life.
I'm thankful.

People Like You ...

Among other things, you are terribly afraid of being hurt,
Friend zone queen - master of warding off spotlights and advances,
Protecting yourself from appearing to be vulnerable,
Keeping low expectations of people,
Are hardest on yourself - your biggest critic,
Second guessing, analyzing, paralysing,
Wanting more yet holding back,
Writing notes and addressing yourself in third person.

Among many things, there are no airs to you,
Hardly a people pleaser, but you remain fiercely loyal to your chosen few,
Pride yourself in being tough, even though you really are a see-through sensitive ball of mush,
Effortlessly attracting people to you, making them easily find their best selves when you're around
Then they hardly want to leave you anymore,
And you're all too familiar with how that typically plays out ...

For how long more?
Well guess what, that ship, that denial ship docking at the nile just sailed!