Friday, December 11, 2015

Of Piggy Banks and PlayStation Consoles

Walahi, New York City can be a shit hole sometimes, and driving there is never a good idea.

I was going to buy myself a Sony PS4 game console for Black Friday, and had started to set titbits aside for the big buy. Alas! The fateful Friday came, and I drove out to run a couple errands for people. I usually ride the train and/or metro, and this was really against my will.

Parked my car right around the corner, paid at the meter for parking and made the quickest dash into the French building to pick up my documents. Came out in less than 5 minutes and met an orange envelope with two tickets tucked underneath my wiper. I was served with two fines: one for parking within 8ft of a fire hydrant, and the other for leaving an expired registration sticker on my windshield. The fines combined cost nearly as much as the Black Friday game deal. So crushing.

Guess it's back to playing YouTube Wii :'(

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