Monday, January 11, 2016

Africa Code Week

I love it!

I was at the Grace Hopper Conference in October of last year, and I just could not believe how much opportunity kids in developed countries had. They had a technology policy, DATA, Data, data. Can't say it enough. A technology policy and programs like computer science week that just made me outright jealous for Naija kids.

But I must say I am impressed with SAP and the other patrons of the Africa Code Week, which I just stumbled on:

Rob Enslin, President of SAP SE and a native of South Africa, writing about Africa says, “there is so much more to do but through intense collaboration and selfless partnerships, we can seize this opportunity of a lifetime” to connect what Nicholas Negroponte calls “the last billion people on the planet” to tech employment opportunities in the 21st century.

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