Saturday, May 14, 2016

Subzero: Fertility and Fridge Magnets

Late last year, December to be precise, I did a fridge magnet to mark my countdown to my 30th birthday. And then in January, Adele released "When We Were Young." It's such a beautiful song, and it resonated with me for more reasons than one.

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Yes indeed, the thought of getting older makes me restless sometimes. Not sad, like Adele's songs, just some restless energy from uncertainty to put it simply.

Having said that, girls are really on the verge of hitting thirty. Shit is not just about to get real, shit has been real for a while now because you've been thinking and building yourself over the years that have led up to this moment. And if you are (like) me, you have been thinking seriously about your purpose, life's work and posterity, your health, your body, your relationships, your money, and your families: the one you were born into, and one you hope or plan to start, if that's your thing.

I started to realistically think about and research the choices of maternity.

Google search results for freezing one's eggs (Huffington Post)

So you really thought it was the same price as raising poultry or keeping a crate of eggs in your fridge?

You don't know until you know. I laughed so hard in shock. America, this is bloody expensive! I could not believe my eyes, but apparently this is the reality for women who aren't ready for motherhood. Anyway, the research continues.

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seye said...

LOL. This post just made me laugh really hard. :)