Saturday, May 14, 2016


"Let victory ignite your momentum," my mentor told me last week.

I had a litany of people who I called mentors. When I joined my current company, I was paired with an early tenure employee, who was great and instrumental in stirring my inner social butterfly in an unfamiliar territory. As time went on, I interacted with more people and some of them had reached out to me to ask how I was adapting and doing in general. After a while, I could tell that the relationships were not deep or intentional. They were really just casual, and I could not give account for any benefits or impact.

I decided to be intentional about my mentorships and reach out to one of the leaders, whose career track I was interested in. So I reevaluated my relationships. It wasn't until eight weeks ago, when I found someone who could keep me grounded and help me connect the dots between where I was and where I wanted to be. This one. No lofty titles, or head in the clouds, he was about getting your hands dirty, building skills and expertise, and clarity, which was exactly what I was looking for.

And so we sat down and set goals together. And I've been taking steps and developing muscle since then. Running into hurdles and challenging myself to keep at it until I make it. It has definitely been a very rewarding experience.

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