Wednesday, May 11, 2016

p = mv

Can't believe I've done 5 straight weeks at the gym!

In the last week of February, I signed up at the gym as my travel streak neared its end (I had touched down in Lagos, Paris, Tucson, Detroit, Kansas City, Boston and circled back to New York over a span of 8 weeks). I started going regularly from the first day of March (even in that month that I did Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, Mississauga over one long weekend). Of course the new agility left my muscles sore as heck, and that kept me out for a few days.

As I got the hang of it, I went in during lunch break, and on some days, I'd go after work. And then one blessed mid-April Wednesday morning, I got in there as early as 5.30am, and gradually ingrafted it into my schedule. It's really been 10 active weeks in all - I only just caught the stats data/streak on Foursquare :)

I say let's keep this momentum going.

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