Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yesterday was Friday the 13th

It was also the day a senior colleague bailed on me during a conference call.

I almost died. Well, no I really did not.

I had the impression that this was to be yet another training session, where we tag teamed. Even though I was the host. she would take the lead and I would shadow her that one time.

"She's usually one or two minutes late, three max" I mused. Everyone else was on. I told the group we would give her a few minutes to join. And then five minutes in, I said something like, "Gentlemen, let's proceed."

At first, I was a nervous wreck. There were bursts of silence every now and then, but gradually things took care of themselves. Heck, the meeting even went into overtime. I paid extra attention to everything that was being said, took notes, spoke up, and answered questions to the best of my knowledge, even though that meant saying, "I'll have to find out and get back to you." Twice. Lol!

I was hoping to shadow her, but turns out I needed to be my own ray of sunshine. I don't know if her absence was intentional, but it dawned on me that was a good way for me to learn, and get used to coming into my own.

I took the time to go over my notes after the call, which meant missing my evening Cardio workout class and going to a late Yoga instead. I made sense of the content, turned it a detailed summary and sent to the stakeholders. That definitely gave my confidence a boost. I'm also looking forward to receiving constructive feedback.

Find your own individual voice though practicing constantly. Go through the world with your eyes and ears open and learn to express that experience in words.” ― P.D. James, Advice to Writers: A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom from a Dazzling Array of Literary Lights

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