Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Congratulations and Condolences

Finally got to play my voice messages. Had 20 new ones from last week.
"... Happy birthday Vicki, and I heard about your dad. Accept my sympathy."

Ah! Les cycles des vie. There was no choice or control or preference of one over the other. Who knew there would be a bridge there?

Some lovely friends had flowers delivered: chrysanthemums, baby breaths, white dahlias, red roses, white roses, sunflowers and some I'm not even able to identify. A box of cupcakes came in too, and I was pleasantly surprised. A shit ton of books were checked off my Amazon wishlist and delivered to me. My children from Sunday school came over to my place with their mums and gave their time and sweetness. Food and fruits. Okra soup, bowls of Jollof rice and chicken, enough to keep me out of the kitchen for weeks. It's so much that I've had to invite some of my ever-hungry bachelor buddies to come feast. Hehe! One of my egbons is even coming with puff puff. Lol!

The gestures of love and kindness through gifts, messages, prayers, tears, company have been overwhelming, and I am thankful. I really am.

One of my takeaways from all of this is to pour out more into my associations and dealings with people. Pour our more of my gifts and passion into my work. And by my work I don't mean my job, but my calling - which my job is one small part of. So help me God.

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