Sunday, July 31, 2016

Coding on Sundays

Hadn't seen my Sunday School kids in a whole month. Between traveling the first two weeks and working on my core in the last two, I was finally reunited with them today. I didn't even have enough arms to go round. Lol! It was like ants on honey - bear hugs and borderline heimlich maneuvers. I love them!

In September last year, I volunteered and started teaching Bible study to a small class of 8-16 year olds on Sundays at my local church. Later in March, I would introduce them to writing computer programs and they picked up really fast. It's a co-ed group, and I noticed the girls started off rather timid. Some of them had told me that coding was a "guy thing" and along the line, there was some show of superiority from one of the boys. I was not having it. I was bent on changing the narrative and attitude. Happy to say that we did, and in the four months since we started, there's been a lot of growth and genuine interest in code and the Word. One of them later told me she wants to be a software engineer and started taking classes at school. My heart may have exploded at that point.

On those Sunday mornings that following a Saturday night so hectic that I just so badly want to sleep in till lunch time, I think of them, my little stars, and how special our relationship is. Just wanting to be there with and for them is usually enough to get me out of bed. I love them, I told you. The other day, one mum said to me, "I've been watching you. You're so good with children, and they are not even yours. Aren't you ready to have your own?"

*Side eye.* These Naija women sef.

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