Sunday, July 17, 2016

Emosh Analytics

Just last night, I had had enough from this friend who had upset me. He had done his thing as was convenient for him and when I called him out, he started bombarding me with text messages and calls that upset me even more. He wouldn’t stop with the follow ups - some of which were guilt-ridden, and the others were plain annoying. So I asked him to quit bugging and let me/things breathe. And then he came up with yet another long epistle before conceding.

On a different note, I'd been considering getting back with a not so old flame/ex (these head v. heart matters that usually throw common sense out the window), and I needed clarity. Spending the week in Lagos - away from him - meant time for me to think objectively, as well as getting time and input from my ever loyal homeboys. Ever loyal :) 

Just this morning, I started to think about the people I'd been romantically involved with, and attempted to analyze my patterns with hindsight, on a whiteboard. I thought about how I reasoned, what I felt when I was in it, and how/why things ended. In all honesty, it was a pretty good eye-opening exercise. Now I want to plug these findings into "Big Data" ...

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