Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Estrogen going up on a Tuesday

In the last two days, I've fallen back into the horrible habit of skimping on sleep. Got four hours on Sunday night, and barely three yesterday. Shooting for seven tonight.

Had four different conversations today with four unique girl-friends of mine, all of whom are interestingly in different countries. The convos went along the lines of:
  • Results of annual physical exams
  • Being in love and needing closure
  • Promotion at work
  • Fear of turning 30, and childhood expectations
  • Pastor Adeboye's viral clips on Twitter advising men on whom not to marry, and another on divorce
  • Business School applications
  • Weather
  • Cunning linguists and dams
  • Dialogues with CEOs
Sunday was homeboy day, and let's just say it was not as entertaining.

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