Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Living Single

Hey! Saw this loft and I thought of you. 

This is not what my apartment looks like. It's a pic w/ a message from a friend who was apartment hunting for himself.

How badass is that? That someone is looking for a personal space for themselves, and you come to mind when they see something? 

I love(d) both the thought and the space. He was right, I would choose a layout like this in a heartbeat. Matter of fact, he was way ahead of the curve by sending this picture about a whole year before I would even move into my first apartment - and up until when I’d never had the luxury of defining or creating or personalizing my space to my taste. Plus he'd never even visited me before, neither in my dorm nor in my post-uni homes. So it's pretty amazing that someone knew to match me or my personality with a space.

You know the first thing people say when they walk into my office? 
"You’re a minimalist. I get it."

How about the first thing people say when they walk into my apartment?
"Let's go get you some furniture."
Or "there's so much to do with all this space."
Or "you’re a minimalist. I get it."

This month makes it a year since I signed a lease with no roommates. The picture above is not too far from what my apartment looks like today, with respect to function. A little roomier however, it's circa 650 square feet - neither a loft nor a lot. Hardwood floors with no fluff in sight, it's physically bare, functional and gives off a mellow energy that can be turned up or down. Audio-visual devices and speakers on standby, just waiting for a signal to switch to party mode or to exude healing zen soundscapes.

In this one year, I have really enjoyed living alone in my adult life. Found some simple pleasures that I don't want to part with.

Having blissful peace of mind, and sacred bathroom moments.
Meditating and discovering all your emotions, or as many as you can, and enjoying that aloneness, the company of self. It doesn't get more intimate than being at one with one's spirit, body and personality - one or many.
I'm a visual thinker and I have a whiteboard. It's like my mind's mind, a physical tabular rasa, and I am solely responsible for interrupting my own thoughts.

Unrestricted nude struts. 
Oh! The joy.

Exploring the energy that each guest brings, and feeling how it complements or contrasts with mine.

I'm able to switch things up when it starts to feel a tad too controlled. I'd go with the flow, change scenery and/or company. I'd play host to family, "strangers", friends and friends of friends. I'd cater and throw parties, or cook up a storm and invite people over. Because I know there is an extroverted social butterfly somewhere inside of me.

I just got the feels like I've gone full circle since I published this post from 8 years ago. 
P.S. Thinking up and settling on the title of this post makes me want to binge watch 90s TV right now. But it's 1.15am on a work night. Adulthood.

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