Friday, September 9, 2016

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever can be nauseating.

On some days when I work from home, I usually need to compensate for a shortage of necessary human contact and I'd end up taking a walk after work to just be outdoors. On most days it works.

Today, I was going through similar motions, when I realized it was not cabin fever. After all, I had started off the day with yoga at the gym, met up with coworkers at a work picnic during lunch and then resumed working with remote teammates till close of business. That should have been enough fix needed, only it wasn't. I had hosted a friend for a little over a week, and he was finally traveling back home. Saying goodbye was the real problem. Within our short time, Mr. O turned out to be really good company and our energies fused well - generally fluid, open-hearted, mellow and genuine. Had been out of touch for a while, and this time we clicked like old friends, shared good food and deep convos, met each other's friends and enjoyed the company with larger groups.

Naturally, saying goodbye today at the end of the visit came with mixed feelings. My "withdrawal" already crept up two days early after he talked about his withdrawal. *Sigh* What a life!

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