Sunday, September 4, 2016

Love, Time and Pixie Dust

It's that time of life, man.

My homeboy-best-friend is getting married. I'm stoked! He'd sent me ring choices some months ago, and last week he went ahead to propose to his girl in Dubai, while they went snorkeling. So fresh!
As life would have it, my path split geographically from some of my bosom friends at a really crucial point. I had only just relocated/migrated right around the time the bulk of them were settling into serious relationships and getting married. 3 of my 5 homeboys got married during this time, and my missing those 3 weddings was agonizing, to say the least. These guys have been and will always be more than brothers to me. Having said that, I will do everything within my ability to be present at his wedding. And hopefully the fifth one's too :)

So three men down, two to go, with one of them being chronically single and the other T-Bar, who is the closest to me, now engaged. This comes with some realities, like T-Bar will be giving up his "boys hostel" bachelor pad soon, and our combined hobo behavior at the hostel (suya night, midnight karaoke, shots over heart to heart round tables and other "unscrupulous" activities) must soon come to an end. Deep sigh! 

Right around the same time, one of my best girls and BFF is going steady with a guy who's crazy about her, and vice versa. Love it! Theirs is going so strong that I'm kind of expecting long term plans and commitments any time soon. The type of plans that start with bells and bridesmaids duties. I can feel it coming in the air tonight. Yes, Phil Collins, that also comes with the reality that she is no longer available for random bants and spontaneous travel with me. Deep sigh!

See where this is going? Seasons. The times of life are changing and my inner/most circle is re-centering before my eyes. Our worlds are gravitating towards new orbits, shifting from solitary to family. Observing these trends and events of friends making the jump and growing up, from my vantage point makes me feel like Peter Pan now. My lifelong partners "in crime" are finding their life partners, and the what if's start to trickle in my mind. Cynicism aside, I wonder what direction we/I would go if I never hop on this train. Not that I don't want to, it's just that I am Amoge* (quite remarkable in this moment, that my name means Time) and my timeline is not there yet. What if I stay in Neverland, in terms of finding that proverbial true love and living "happily ever after?" Two things are off the top of my head: One - my mother must not stumble on this post. Second, if that's my path, then it is my path, right? Time will tell.

Image Credits: Barefoot Whispers blog

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