Saturday, October 29, 2016

Favorite Little Things

"You remain my most favorite thing."

Love songs can evoke memories of people and places and emotions. They were a thing for certain, they just didn’t know what thing they were.

Days ago while about my travels, I stumbled on a Yuna concert last minute. I was ecstatic and made a recording of her soulful stage performances. And yes, she did it. She performed our favorite, and I sang it just the way you mix the lyrics up, replacing "butterflies" where she says "lullabies." Ugh! Just the thought of this love thing gets me feeling so lousy, so mushy. Yea, bleh!

In the time when they were a thing, they binged on each other’s favorite playlists among other things. Between Yuna and Somi, they made loving memories, and shared bits of themselves until their paths split. Now in the few weeks since their reconnection, they’ve become some thing else - a familiar but different kind, with both treading lightly to see where they do or don’t go.

On some days these days they talk everyday for weeks, then there's that stretch where it's total silenceUgh! It aches sometimes, and when it does, she accepts she's no longer privy to access all the parts of you whenever she wants to. "Two to tango, right?" She's not interested in forcing herself in. She's following your lead, what's your next move?

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